Laneway Homes

Whether for students, aging family members, or young people looking to live close to home or new job opportunities, Vancouver’s successful laneway housing program is creating more affordable and sustainable housing options in single-family neighbourhoods and contributing significant new rental housing.

Laneway houses are popping up in Vancouver at a record rate as the City aims to increase affordable and sustainable housing options, while retaining the single-family feel of the neighbourhoods.

The financial incentive to build your laneway house is attractive, you can get great rental income which far outweighs the investment cost. In addition, laneway houses:

– provide the ability to bring families together by offering additional space & privacy for seniors or adult children
– support families by providing additional income to offset rising living cost
– provide an option to downsize without having to relocate to a new and unfamiliar neighborhood
– make lanes greener, more livable, and safer by providing living space and planting where regulations otherwise permitted garage and paving
– substantially increase property values

Laneway homes also reduce our carbon footprint, but more importantly, they’re a way for families to live together—just not under the same roof.

Feb 2019: Since the City introduced the Laneway House Program in 2009, they have been issuing permits at an accelerated rate. They expect an additional 4,000 laneways to be built in the next decade!  To find out more about the City of Vancouver’s Laneway House Program, visit this link or contact us.

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